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Introduction :

With a view to make the Current Deposit Scheme of the Bank more customer friendly, increase Bank's market share (quantitatively and qualitatively) in low cost deposit by attracting new constituents from corporate, business houses, institutions etc. and also to add competitive edge to our Current Deposit product, Bank has launched a Scheme named as United Gold Current & United Platinum Current.

  • Objective : Mobilizing low cost deposit and hence increasing the net interest income.

  • Target Group : Public & Private Limited Companies, Corporate, Whole sellers, Traders, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Companies/Firms engaged in Service Industry, Partnership Firms, Proprietorship Firms, Individuals etc.

  • Coverage : The Scheme shall be operative from all branches.

  • Eligibility : Anyone who is eligible to open Current Deposit Account with the Bank is eligible to open accounts under the Scheme subject to fulfillment of the terms and conditions given below. Existing Current Deposit Account holders shall also be eligible for benefit under the scheme upon satisfying these terms and conditions.

  • Minimum Balance in the account :- Similar to normal current deposit accounts.

  • Average Balance: -

i. United Gold Current: -

  1. Rural: Quarterly Average Balance of Rs. 20,000/-
  2. Semi-Urban: Quarterly Average Balance of Rs. 30,000/-
  3. Urban: Quarterly Average Balance of Rs. 50,000/-
  4. Metro: Quarterly Average Balance of Rs. 60,000/-

You have a wide range of choice of deposits through as many as 10 different schemes offered by UBI. You may select them according to your best suited mode of meeting.